General Policy for Any Exchanges or Returns

Effective January 1, 2010

WHAT can be returned?
Items that are defective, i.e., different from the condition of what is typical for a bottle of wine found on our store shelves at Ingersoll W&S.

Are all your products returnable or do some restrictions apply?
All exchanges or returns are subject the circumstances surrounding the need or request for an exchange or return.

WHEN do items need to be returned by?
Any demand for exhange or return should be made in a timely manner not to exceed 14 days of when the item was purchased. No exchanges or refunds can be offered after 30 days of purchase. See below for definition of purchase date.

WHERE do items need to be returned to?
Shipments can be returned to the return address indicated on the shipped package usually located on the outside of the shipping container/box.

HOW do customers return items?
Items for exhange should be shipped in its original container or box. If the original box or shipper is damaged or unusable do not attempt re-shipping to the return address without first contacting Ingersoll Wine & Spirits. Items returned in a condition deemed unsaleable will not be eligible for exchange or refund.

SHIPPING for returns?
Shipping rates are refundable if it is determined that Ingersoll Wine & Spirits erred completing the original order, i.e. for nonconfirmation of vintage or varietal. No refunds on shipping will be offered otherwise. Ingersoll Wine & Spirits is not responsible for shipping costs related to subsequent errors beyond the original error if it is determined that the original order was a misorder.

Are original shipping rates refundable?
Does customer pay for shipping the return?
CREDIT for returns?

Any credits issued will be applied only to the payment information provided in the original purchase.

Instore return option?
Orders placed through the Ingersoll Wine & Spirits website require that purchase be returned in the same manner that the order was processed. Ingersoll Wine & Spirits request that any in store return situations first be handled through the contact for online or phone order sales. Ingersoll Wine & Spirits otherwise does not accept options in store returns for purchases made via

Packing materials?
It is requested that any situations warranting an exhange or return be handled in the same manner that the purchaser received the package. If the purchaser is returning any items received from the orignal purchase Ingersoll Wine & Spirits demands that items returing to the address of the shipper be returned in its original packing materials.